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Henry Alter, Founder & CEO

Over the course of a successful career in long term care insurance sales, Henry Alter discovered that he was the go-to source for eldercare information and resources for both clients and friends.  People often asked him, “Who can I trust to help me/my family find the best homecare solution, create a will, trust or power of attorney? Who can help my aging parents with managing their household, medical paperwork and bill paying?”

These questions were always followed by I know you will introduce me to the right people I will like and trust.” 

Tapping into his entrepreneurial spirit and broad contact network, he saw an opportunity to formally bring together other passionate eldercare professionals like himself from across the industry by creating an organization that functions as a forum to share knowledge and resources.

“I enjoy building relationships with people in the aging industry and have great respect for those individuals who are committed to helping others, so forming Orion was a natural next step.” 

Since formalizing the Orion Resource Group in 2001, the organization now has four NY Metro area chapters and more than 200 members  across various aging sectors. With the number of Americans ages 65+ projected to nearly double to 95 million by 2060,* Henry continues to be optimistic about the future. Over the next five years, Orion will continue to grow in its geographic focus, programming and consumer outreach. 

“There’s no question that the Orion Resource Group is a strong, cohesive and collaborative community. We’re the group you instantly know, like and trust. Together, we can foster appreciation and respect for elders in society and deliver benefits and expertise to serve them.” 

Henry holds a B.S. in engineering from Lowell Technical Institute. A father of two and grandfather of three, he enjoys playing pickleball and chess and resides in Delaware and Queens, New York with his wife Leslie. 

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