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The Orion Resource Group is the leading business network of trusted professionals and providers in the aging industry.

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The Orion Resource Group is the "who's who" network of aging industry professionals and service providers you'll immediately get to know, like and trust.

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Who We Are

About Orion

Founded in 2001 and headquartered in New York, The Orion Resource Group is the leading business network of trusted professionals and providers in the aging industry, servicing the $8.3 trillion US longevity economy*.

By developing real, authentic connections, our members - caring experts who understand the range of financial, legal, health, social and lifestyle concerns of aging - collaboratively deliver benefits that support societal goals for successful aging.

*Datapoint: AARP 2019 The Longevity Economy Outlook

Get to know Orion and you’ll experience JOMO - the joy of meeting others in the aging industry - for yourself.


Orion’s mission is to be the leading network of trusted professionals and service providers in the business of aging.

Over 21 years, Orion has evolved into a dynamic community representing every facet of aging. While serving as role models, advisors and mentors, our members support each other to build their businesses and make an important impact on the industry.

We’re “good people” who are dedicated to dealing with the broad needs of the aging community that we serve. This is why individuals interested in joining Orion must be recommended and personally sponsored by a current member.

Upon joining Orion, members can start meeting others and get involved by attending their “home chapter” meetings and events. All members are also encouraged to attend any and all of our NY metro area chapter meetings, events and virtual forums.

Every member, at any stage in their career, has significant potential to raise their personal and professional profile and deepen Orion’s value proposition over the long-term.

Our vision is to be the ‘go to’ national network for providing reputable resources and guidance to address the concerns of our aging population.

Organizational Pillars

The Orion Resource Group’s mission and purpose are encapsulated in five pillars. Like building supports, these uphold our ideals to help the aging population thrive with quality of life, dignity, respect.
  1. Foster greater understanding, appreciation and respect for elders in society.
  2. Establish a higher level of standards for the caregiving profession.
  3. Attract the next generation to the aging industry.
  4. Streamline the discovery process and selection of appropriate elder care services.
  5. Advocate on behalf of seniors to prevent elder abuse and neglect.

Member Representation in the Aging Industry

Orion Resource Group members fall into six (6) broad industry sectors. In alphabetical order these services include:

  • Financial
  • Health and Wellness
  • Legal
  • Non Medical & Social Services
  • Personal & Business
  • Senior Living & Housing

Within the above sectors, there are a wide range of specialty areas in which Orion members serve. Our dynamic network continues to grow in depth and breadth of aging industry expertise.