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The Orion Resource Group is the leading business network of trusted professionals and providers in the aging industry.

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The Orion Resource Group is the "who's who" network of aging industry professionals and service providers you'll immediately get to know, like and trust.

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Membership Policy and Practices Guide

Orion takes great pride in cultivating an extraordinary community of aging industry professionals and enriching the experience for all members.

To this end, we intentionally apply a deliberate and thoughtful approach to growing our organization of experts and those who are considering entering the field.

Orion’s sole means for bringing on new members is through the personal recommendation and endorsement of current members. This unique sponsoring approach enables all members to have access to only those who are trusted, knowledgeable and caring resources.

This Guide highlights our philosophy and approach for building Orion and the actions involved to support these goals.

While the process for sponsoring is simple, the thinking behind identifying and selecting candidates for Orion membership is serious business. Your role as a sponsoring member is vital to maintaining Orion’s standing as a highly respected organization.

Thank you for your commitment and cooperation to help Orion and our members’ businesses to thrive.

For any questions, please contact Orion’s Membership Committee at membership@orionrg.org.

Membership Policy and Practices Guide