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Long Island IN-PERSON Meeting

Understanding the Fundamentals and Benefits
of Animal Assisted Therapy
Amy is an animal lover; she has had dogs her whole life and has worked with them for over 18 years! Her multi-FUN-ctional canine team will help you, or your loved one, achieve your goals! Amy is proficient in Spanish. She can also greet people in 6 other languages. Animal-Assisted Therapy is a therapeutic intervention that uses dogs to complement or conduct traditional therapies. Dogs provide a sense of calm, comfort, safety, affection, attention, & relaxation. Animal Assisted Therapy can be beneficial for many people including those that are:
  • Dealing with a cognitive impairment
  • Experiencing grief and loss
  • Feeling isolated
  • Dealing with a medical adjustment
  • On hospice
  • Receiving other treatment modalities
  • Animal lovers

Advance registration required.

Join us at:

The Bristal Assisted Living at North Hills
99 South Service Road
North Hills, NY 11040

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Time: to
Location: The Bristal Assisted Living at North Hills
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