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Orion New York Chapter Meeting

Emerging Solutions to Health Care System Problems: Urgent Care at Home, Medical and Financial Advocacy
SPEAKERS: Orion Member Panel:
John J. Bayeux III, Director of Business Development for Care2U
Gerda Maissel, MD, BCPA, CPE &
Adria Gross, the founder of MedWise Insurance Advocacy

In this meeting, we will discuss three innovative solutions to common topics that our clients face: Urgent In-home Care, Medical Advocacy and Financial Advocacy. Together, our Orion panelists will shed light on emerging solutions to three ongoing health care system problems.

John Bayeux, Director of Business Development with Care2U For too long, the healthcare system has been designed around the provider, not the patient. Care2U is changing the way we receive healthcare, by bringing it directly to the patient, on-demand and in their home.

Gerda Maissel, MD, BCPA, CPE is a Rehabilitation physician who founded the medical advocacy company My MD Advisor. My MD Advisor provides sophisticated medical care management to clients with complex medical conditions. Acting as a medical sherpa, Dr. Gerda guides clients and their families on their recovery journeys.

Adria Gross, founder of MedWise Insurance Advocacy, is a New York State-licensed insurance broker and consultant, who uncovers discrepancies in diagnostic or procedure coding, finds loopholes through which insurance companies attempt to deny claims, and helps individuals and their families (and their attorneys) resolve medical claim matters.

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